About DIEGO:

Born in Texas, raised in Mexico, I am a bilingual Mexican/American living in the U.S. working as a cinematographer in narrative and commercial work.

Some of my recent projects include names like CORONA, TITLE BOXINGENFAMIL, CLIFTON AND LEOPOLD, Buzzfeed, Hardy, Lucas Nelson, Saldavor Santana, Milley Rose, IMGUR, etc.

Co-Produced and Shot a Feature FIlm "Fronteras" that had a U.S. Top 10 Market theatrical release, as well as places such as: NETFLIX, Amazon, iTunes, Fandango, Direct TV, Comcast, Google, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. The film also was part of the Official selection for the Saint Petersburg Film Festival and the Nashville Film Festival.

Currently my second feature film "Forgiveness" directed by Alex Kahuam is in postproduction. Alex Kahuam also directed "So you wanna be a gangster?" which was released on Amazon, playstation, Microsoft and others.

Other Narrative work including 2 features are on the preproduction process.